Synchronet runs on Linux

I just found this out. I followed the directions and got Synchronet BBS running on my Debian box. It runs great under daemontools, and out of the box it sets up telnet, ssh, ftp, finger (yes, finger), mail, and irc servers. It has multiple sets of menu keys including one that emulates Renegade, which is more nostalgic for me than emacs bindings.

Now, the question is, what would I do with it? If I made a BBS, would you log into it? If so, would you log in more than 20 times? What if it had ANSI art? What if it was UTF-8?!

I doubt it, right? Internet BBSes are weird.

I miss BBSes a lot but I never stay on an internet one for more than a couple of weeks. But I have to say, Synchronet is a really nice BBS, and I’d totally use it if I still knew how to do ANSI art and more than 1 people would call it. Maybe I can gate it into Twitter somehow.

3 thoughts on “Synchronet runs on Linux”

  1. By the way, Ariel tried to run telnet on Vista and the command wasn’t found. Did Vista finally kill telnet? I’m guessing they didn’t bother to ship with SSH instead. Can anyone confirm, as I don’t have any Vista machines.

  2. You can download SyncTerm for Windows, it automatically associates with telnet links. Plus, it includes support for file transfers, has a great phonebook, etc, etc. Oh, and modem support for those few BBSes that have dialup ;) (on a side note, I recently found a C64 board in California — possibly the only one on REAL hardware!!)

    Also, I don’t know if you upgraded to the latest development files at the time, or if it was even included then, but Synchronet’s web interface now includes a Java telnet applet for those users who are just checking things out and don’t have any telnet.

    Interestingly, I don’t have Vista or Windows 7 or anything, but I’m surprised they don’t include telnet anymore. I can see dropping Hyperterm, but telnet and ftp are such basic internet utilities… what’s the point of dropping them, anyways? To save 75k of space? :P

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